Update regarding time clock changes

WSNA has continued to bargain with PeaceHealth regarding the unilateral implementation of timekeeping changes on March 12, 2023. Initially, management shared that they implemented the changes as abruptly as they did in response to a settlement agreement requiring them to pay you for all your time. However, NOW they tell us that the change was NOT implemented due to the settlement!  Interesting. The changes to overtime calculations will be handled separately, facility by facility, for all PeaceHealth facilities in Washington state. 

The teams will continue to work as a coalition on getting the language clarified around the timekeeping issues. We exchanged proposals with management and are confident we can reach a deal soon. 

The responses to the surveys were amazing! Thank you for helping your team. Your personal comments were especially helpful. We will extend the surveys for another week, closing at midnight on Sunday, June 25.  

 We have another meeting scheduled for June 27.  Please stay tuned for more information. 

If you have any questions, check in with your WSNA Nurse Representative.