WSNA leader­ship, staff and your Local Unit Officers are in active discus­sions with the county about the COVID crisis and its impact on nurses. Our primary concerns are the protec­tions of nurses’ safety and liveli­hoods during this crisis.

As you may be aware, the county is proposing redeploying nurses to do COVID work at other facil­i­ties. We are actively discussing the county’s proposal and have another discus­sion sched­uled for this after­noon. If you have already volun­teered, please ensure you have been properly oriented and are compe­tent to perform the nursing care you are providing. This is a require­ment under your license and is not waived during this crisis. Some of these links may be helpful as you make decisions about your practice.


We are working with the county to reach an agree­ment regarding compen­sa­tion for nurses who are at high risk for COVID, have been exposed to COVID, or are ill from COVID-19.
We are also in discus­sion with jail health services regarding inmate trans­fers between facil­i­ties, staffing, and safety needs.

Some nurses are asking about condi­tions that place them at serious risk. Please review this infor­ma­tion:


Please let us know what you are experi­encing, what you need us to know and how we can help you get through this increas­ingly challenging pandemic.

Please contact your nurse rep at or 206.575.7979 ext. 3039.

Thank you all for the work you do.

In Solidarity,
Your local unit officers Sean Dumas, Lois Schipper and Nurse Rep Sara Frey