WSNA as an organi­za­tion encour­ages nurses to receive influenza vacci­na­tions, however, nurses at Peace­Health South­west are not required to receive one. Our contract explic­itly delin­eates that you do not need a medical or religious decli­na­tion to refuse. Peace­Health is imple­menting another manda­tory policy system wide, but South­west is immune from this policy as we have clear contract language.

Our negoti­ated contract language is:
15.1 Employee Health Tests: RNs will be subject to the Medical Center’s Employee Health require­ments and testing programs (for example, for tuber­cu­losis) in accor­dance with the Medical Center’s policies as applic­able to a majority of the Medical Center’s employees who are not in a bargaining unit. All RNs will be encour­aged to receive flu vaccine at no charge, as provided by Employee Health at desig­nated times, places and hours. If an RN declines the flu vacci­na­tion, the RN will sign a decli­na­tion form that will only be used to track the total number and percentage of RN s who decline the vaccine.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or call at 206 – 575-7979 ext. 3051.