Incentive Pay Extended through October 2, 2021

Double Time Incentive (DTI) for picking up open shifts on posted schedule and Spot Pay Bonus for Short Notice Shifts has been extended in qualified departments through October 2, 2021 Eligibility requirements and the departments included were unchanged.

WSNA is thankful management recog­nizes the need for more staff and is offering some incen­tives. However, we believe and have told CHI leadership repeatedly that all depart­ments should be included. We also pointed out it is inequitable for only part-time nurses had to work above their normal work requirement to qualify for DTI. Unfortunately, CHI upper level management continued to be uncompromising so the incentive extensions remained limited to where and how they believe the incentives should be offered.

Ironically, less than a week after refusing to allow manager discretion CHI upper management wanted to amend the agreement to include Surgery and Recovery, which of course we readily agreed. Also included for Surgery and Recovery is a $250 stipend for picking up call shifts above their standard 3 weekday call shifts and 1 weekend shift per month that will be paid regardless of if they are called in to work.

The departments eligible for DTI are as follows:

  • ER – Night shift only
  • ICU – Night shift only
  • Imaging
  • Surgery and Recovery

Highlights of the Agreement:

Record your Spot Pay and ​DTI in the Excep­tion Log on your unit.

Spot Pay Shift Bonus $15/​hour
Addresses unplanned absen­teeism on short notice. Short notice is defined as agree­ment to work an unsched­uled shift with 24 hours or less notice prior to the start of the shift.

A nurse will not be eligible for Spot Pay Shift Bonus if they are receiving DTI.

Double Time Incen­tive Pay (DTI)
When the core schedule has unfilled shifts, RNs will be encouraged to sign up to work extra shifts. In the event more nurses volunteer and/or are signed up for a given incentive shift than needed, management will endeavor to rotate incentive shift opportunities.

To read the complete agreement follow this link: RN-Staffing-Spot-and-DTI-Incentives-112920-final-revised-003.docx-11-29-2020.pdf (wsna.org).

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Barbara Friesen at bfriesen@wsna.org.