WSNA met again today with SJMC and St Clare hospital leader­ship to bargain about the COVID and flu vaccine mandates.

As most everyone already knows nurses need to be fully vacci­nated for COVID or have a medical or religious exemp­tion by Oct. 18, 2021. Today we learned nurses that have been fully vacci­nated need to send verifi­ca­tion to Employee Central with the dates of the vacci­na­tion and a photo. If nurses submitted verifi­ca­tion before Aug. 12, 2021 it needs to be resub­mitted. HR will help anyone with the submissions.

We were told the medical and religious exemp­tions have not been processed yet but those that were submitted in the timeline requested will have a response by Oct. 18, 2021. They could not ensure requests submitted after their requested date would receive a response by Oct. 18, 2021.

We under­stand hospi­tals are required to follow the Governor’s mandate regarding the require­ment and deadline for nurses to be fully vacci­nated for COVID but were dismayed by their lack of compas­sion when in comes to the flu vacci­na­tion. Common­Spirit is holding firm nurses must have the flu vacci­na­tion or an approved medical or religious exemp­tion by Nov. 15, 2021 as a condi­tion of employment.

We are in the process of setting another date to meet, which is tenta­tively next Monday, Sept. 20, 2021, and will update everyone after that meeting.

In Solidarity,

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