SJMC proposed extending the Double Time Incen­tive (DTI) for picking up open shifts on posted schedule, ESI, and the $15.00/Hour Spot Pay Bonus for Short Notice Shifts (less than 24 hours’ notice). Eligi­bility require­ments for incen­tives remain the same as do the depart­ments included. The Incen­tive Program will be extended in quali­fied depart­ments through June 12, 2021.

The depart­ments eligible for DTI are as follows: 

  • Med/​Surg 2 South
  • Med/​Surg 3 South
  • Med/​Surg 4 South
  • Med/​Surg 8
  • ER
  • CDU
  • Critical Care – ICU and PCU night shift only

WSNA did respond to manage­ment letting them know we appre­ciate them recog­nizing the need for more staff and offering incen­tives. However, WSNA thinks it would make more sense to include all depart­ments and leave the option of offering the DTI shifts to managers. We do not believe manage­ment would have anything to lose but much to gain. The DTI shifts would still be in control of manage­ment and no area of need would inadver­tently be overlooked. Never­the­less, what was offered is helpful and we support them imple­menting the exten­sion with the hope consid­er­a­tion will be given to making it house wide.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Barbara Friesen at