The Master Social Workers, Chaplains, Bereave­ment Counselors, and RNs at CHI Hospice are fighting for better/​more compas­sionate care for their patients, improved working condi­tions and basic workplace rights. CHI Hospice workers, repre­sented by the Inter­na­tional Associ­a­tion of Machin­ists (IAM), are holding a rally on Monday, June 7, at St. Joe’s Medical Center. While WSNA shares the concerns of our CHI Hospice colleagues and their goal to improve patient care and is committed to demand a fair contract, partic­i­pa­tion in this demon­stra­tion may expose our nurses to adverse action by CHI manage­ment, including disci­pline and discharge. Because of these risks, we strongly urge you not to partic­i­pate in this action and relay this message to your fellow WSNA nurses.

As regis­tered nurses, we know the impor­tance of the hospice services in providing our patients and their families the dignity and comfort they need. We know that a reason­able caseload allows for the atten­tion and care that the patients deserve. WSNA stands with our CHI Hospice colleagues in their fight for a fair contract. We call on CHI to put patients before profits and dignity over dollars. WSNA will keep you informed on this fight and continue to lend our support to our union brothers and sisters at CHI Hospice.