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Leadership Conference Scholarship Deadline 3/1/2024

The WSNA Leadership Conference is from April 28th to April 30th at Lake Campbell’s Resort in Chelan Washington. We highly encourage all nurses to attend the conference and come learn from and with great nurse leaders. The conference offers workshops, discussion panels, speaker events, and award ceremonies to recognize the nurses who have worked hard to make Washington one of the best states to work in as a nurse and it all takes place on the beautiful shores of Lake Chelan.

The local unit officers want to see as many nurses as possible at the leadership conference, and to help that out we are offering a limited number of scholarships to St. Joe’s nurses. These scholarships will include coverage for the cost of registration, and reimbursement for hotel lodging. The deadline to be considered for a scholarship is 3/1/24. If you would like to be considered simply let a local unit officer know, or email your nurse representative Jared Richardson at JRichardson@WSNA.org.

IV Pumps and ADOs

We are optimistic about the incoming IV pumps that will hopefully resolve the ongoing issues surrounding missing and inoperable IV pumps. In the meantime, nurses should still be filling out an ADO anytime they are working with broken or missing IV pumps. Filling out ADOs keeps a track record of the issue and helps us when we bring up the issue to hospital administration. Remember that you have the right to fill out an ADO for any concern you may have about your assignment including staffing, security, safety, equipment, and any other issue. You cannot be retaliated against for filling out an ADO. We also encourage you to file an IRIS as is appropriate.

Upcoming Unit Rep Meetings

Our next unit rep meetings will be in person on the evening of March 25th and the morning of March 26th. This is a great opportunity for unit reps to meet and learn from each other. This meeting is open to all unit reps and anyone who would like to become a unit rep. We will be discussing plans for organizing around our upcoming contract negotiations, and training on how to be a more effective unit rep. Location and times are still being decided, but food will be provided. More details to come!

Pre-Negotiation Survey Ongoing

Speaking of our upcoming contract negotiations, we want to know what is most important to you when it comes to the new contract. The pre-negotiation survey is still running and will be open until 4/15/2024. Don’t wait for Tax Day! Fill out the survey today by clicking the link below, and tell your fellow nurses to do so as well!

Questions, contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jared Richardson at jrichardson@wsna.org.

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