The WSNA Leadership Conference at Campbell’s Resort in Chelan is coming soon!   

From April 28 to April 30 nurse union leaders will be converging at the beautiful Campbell’s Resort on the shores of Lake Chelan. At the conference we will have the opportunity to learn together, hear from powerful and inspiring speakers, participate in panel discussions, and take time to celebrate nurse leaders who have helped shape the nursing workplace in Washington state for the better.

The conference is open to all WSNA members, and we encourage everyone to attend. The elected officers of the St. Joe’s local bargaining will be offering sponsorships for a limited number of SJMC nurses to attend for FREE! These scholarships will include the registration fee and reimbursement for the hotel's cost. If you are interested in attending, please let a local unit officer know or email your nurse representative, Jared Richardson, at jrichardson@wsna.org. See more details about the conference by clicking the link below.

Rounded time vs actual time bargaining

As you may have heard, VMFH is going to be moving away from rounded time when it comes to clocking in and out. We understand there are many concerns around this issue, and we are committed to ensuring that management hears your concerns. We will bargain with management in the coming weeks to ensure these changes occur fairly and address the difficulties that may arise. If you have concerns or questions, feel free as always to contact the local bargaining unit leaders.

Unit Rep Meetings

On Monday 2/26 at 2000, and Tuesday 2/27 at 0800 we will be hosting virtual unit rep meetings. If you are a unit rep or would like to become a unit rep, please contact an officer or your nurse representative for a Teams invite.

Fill out the pre-negotiation survey today!

The deadline to fill out the pre-negotiation survey is April 15th. We want to hear from every nurse at St. Joe’s before we head into negotiations with the hospital for a new contract. If you haven’t been able to fill out the survey yet, please do so today by clicking the link below. Tell your nurse co-workers to fill it out as well. This contract will have a huge impact for nurses at SJMC and across the state, and we want to make sure it is written with the voices of every nurse who has worked so hard to make St. Joe’s a Union Strong Hospital.

Questions, contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jared Richardson at jrichardson@wsna.org.

In Solidarity, 
Emily Nollmeyer, Co-Chair 
Matthew McGuire, Co-Chair 
Sally Budack, Co-Secretary 
Shannon Suchland, Co-Secretary 
Shelly Mead, Grievance Officer 
Yunna Flenord, Grievance Officer 
Carina Price, Membership Officer 
Rachel Wachter, Membership Officer 
Teresa Kindell, Membership Coordinator