The Importance of ADOs

Assignment despite objection forms, or ADOs, are one of the best ways for WSNA nurses at St. Joe’s to communicate issues at the workplace with both management and your union. As we march towards a new contract year it is increasingly important that we can document and address issues that are going on in the hospital so when it comes time to negotiate, we can bring solid proof to the table of what nurses like you are experiencing every day in the workplace.

ADOs have been used to help win historic contracts in Washington this year, and we know the same issues those hospitals have are going on at St. Joe’s and having ADOs as proof means management cannot deny what’s going on. It also forces management to address the issues, and remember that there can be NO RETALIATION for filling out an ADO

ADOs are simple to fill out and can be completed at //WSNA.org/ADO or by following the QR code below. You can also find QR codes on your green badge buddy that link to ADOs, your local unit officers, and membership applications. You can even back date ADOs, though we strongly suggest filling one out as soon as possible.

Some reasons to fill out ADOs include:

  • Staffing concerns
  • Missed meals/breaks
  • Equipment issues
  • Security issues
  • Mandatory overtime
  • No break nurse
  • No charge nurse
  • Safety concerns for you, your patients, and your coworkers

The nurses at St. Joe’s are the union, and together we can make the hospital a better place for ourselves and the patient’s we care for. Assessing the problem is the first step, and ADOs are how we can do that.


In solidarity,

Emily Nollmeyer, Co-Chair 
Matthew McGuire, Co-Chair 
Sally Budack, Co-Secretary 
Shannon Suchland, Co-Secretary 
Shelly Mead, Grievance Officer 
Yunna Flenord, Grievance Officer 
Carina Price, Membership Officer 
Rachel Wachter, Membership Officer 
Teresa Kindell, Membership Coordinator

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jared Richardson, BSN, RN, at jrichardson@wsna.org.