Negotiating Season is Here!

With less than a year to go until our current contract expires on 10/31/2024 we are officially kicking off our negotiation campaign. Nurses across Washington state and the country have come together to win historic contracts that have improved working conditions, increased workplace safety, and better wages. Those nurses looked to St. Joe’s and WSNA as prime examples of how to get the job done. St. Joe’s, and the amazing nurses who work there, will once again lead the way and set the standard for nursing collective bargaining agreements.

The first step is to complete the pre-negotiation survey. This survey allows us to see what matters to the nurses who make up the union at St. Joe’s. The bargaining team can’t tell management what matters to you unless you tell them. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey now by clicking on the link below.

It takes all of us to win a fair contract that improves the working lives of nurses at St. Joe’s. Please encourage your fellow nurses to fill out the survey. Remember, YOU, are the union and our power and strength come from our collective power.

We look forward to reading all the survey responses!

In Solidarity,

Emily Nollmeyer, Co-Chair  
Matthew McGuire, Co-Chair  
Sally Budack, Co-Secretary 
Shannon Suchland, Co-Secretary  
Shelly Mead, Grievance Officer  
Yunna Flenord, Grievance Officer  
Carina Price, Membership Officer  
Rachel Wachter, Membership Officer  
Teresa Kindell, Membership Coordinator

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jared Richardson, BSN, RN, at jrichardson@wsna.org.