Unions Lead the Holiday Way

We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, and as we spend time with friends, family and loved ones it is important to remember the fights and sacrifices union members have made to ensure that we receive paid time off, including holidays. For over 150 years union members have worked hard to fight for benefits we all enjoy today including access to sick leave, paid holidays, better wages, and safer working conditions. In fact, union members earn on average more than 11% than non-union employees in the same field and more than 90% of union members have access to healthcare benefits and paid sick leave compared to less than 75% of non-union employees. These benefits are especially evident for Black, Indigenous, and people of color and help to ensure racial justice and economic justice (economic policy institute, 2020). These fights continue today, and through our collective strength and solidarity we will continue to advance worker’s rights for the nurses at St. Joe’s.

Your local unit officers are incredibly grateful this holiday season for the union members at St. Joe, and we hope you have a wonderful and happy holidays.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to do so, please remember to fill out the pre-negotiation survey and encourage your fellow nurses to do so as well. We are loving reading all the responses (especially the creative names for a potential St. Joe’s security dog!).  Follow the link below to fill it out today!

In Solidarity,

Emily Nollmeyer, Co-Chair  
Matthew McGuire, Co-Chair  
Sally Budack, Co-Secretary 
Shannon Suchland, Co-Secretary  
Shelly Mead, Grievance Officer  
Yunna Flenord, Grievance Officer  
Carina Price, Membership Officer  
Rachel Wachter, Membership Officer  
Teresa Kindell, Membership Coordinator

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jared Richardson, BSN, RN, at jrichardson@wsna.org.