Negotiation Update

Day 1 of negotiations is complete. Your WSNA team of nurses, along with WSNA, presented the nurses full comprehensive initial proposal to management. Management voiced understanding of our asks and committed to working on a counter proposal for the remainder of the day.

Our next days to bargain are March 19 and 26.

Here’s how you can pitch in:

  1. Button up! Wear your WSNA buttons to work to show management we are unified, and we are ONE.
  2. Not a WSNA member yet? Join here. Your voice at the bargaining table is only as strong as your membership numbers.
  3. Your team needs your help! We are asking each nurse, to connect with at least one other nurse and find out if they are getting WSNA texts and/or emails. As negotiations continue, it will be of utmost importance we can reach ALL nurses and stay connected. Not getting texts or emails? Have them contact Jaclyn Smedley WSNA Nurse Rep to find out why!

If you have questions, contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jaclyn Smedley, BSN, RN, at jsmedley@wsna.org.