Newsletter March 2024

In this issue:

  • Update on Incentive MOU
  • Next Contract Negotiation Dates, What You Can DO.
  • Nurse Representative, Alle Machorro BSN, RN is returning to St. Luke’s!

Update on Incentive MOU

WSNA nurses! We are disappointed to report the Incentive MOU which was renewed until the end of February has not been extended by Management. WSNA Nurse Rep, Jaclyn Smedley reached out via email weeks before the expiration date on Feb. 9 asking management if they would like to extend the agreement, with the intent to not have any interruption for our hard-working nurses.

Unfortunately, we heard NOTHING back. So, a second follow up email was sent on Feb 12 to HR asking for any intentions to renew or not, and only silence came. Now, against our will, the MOU has expired. We are sorry to say we tried to convey this was important to the nurses, but since Management never responded, this became a communication of denial.

Don’t worry WSNA RNs! We will plan to raise this issue in negotiations, because what is important to you is important to us.

Next Contract Negotiation Dates, What You Can DO

Our next days to bargain are set for March 19 and 26. If you are not a member of WSNA, now is the time to join in solidarity with your fellow RNs. There is definitely strength in numbers, and when nurses unite, you move mountains! So, you may be asking, what can you do?

  • Join WSNA! If you are a member, encourage someone else to join
  • Wear a WSNA button or t-shirt
    • Next Thursday, March 14 we will be on site to hand them out! Find us in the cafeteria from 11 am -1 pm and from 5-7 pm!
    • Watch for communications from WSNA, and make sure your contact information is up to date. Find one other RN and ask them if they are getting emails. If not, email Nurse Rep Jaclyn Smedley BSN, RN to find out why at jsmedley@wsna.org
    • Get involved! We have room for any level of commitment, the only thing you need is the passion to build strong relationships with nurses! Email jsmedley@wsna.org to find out the opportunities available, and how you can help!

Nurse Representative, Alle Machorro, BSN, RN is returning to St. Luke’s!

New Alle

The last 6 months have been a great time to get to know the nurses of St. Luke’s and the WSNA Local Unit Officers who serve you. Thank you for great friendships and hard work. We made a great team!

Beginning April 1, 2024 Alle Machorro Nurse Rep will be returning to St. Luke’s as the primary Rep, and will be covering all issues from that point forward.  She can be reached at amachorro@wsna.org after that date.

Thank you, RNs of St. Luke’s!
Jaclyn Smedley BSN, RN

If you have questions before April 1, contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jaclyn Smedley, BSN, RN, at jsmedley@wsna.org.