Contract bargaining update

On Monday, Oct. 28, we had our 5th contract bargain session with TG.

We spoke at length about improving staffing in med/surg and the PCUs and about our proposal for a BSN/MN/MSN premium. We are close to finalizing language on an in-house tiered float pool and a 24-hour weekend (Baylor) shift for the OR and peri-anesthesia.

Thanks to everyone who answered our one-question survey about TG’s proposal to change full-time benefits eligible from 0.6 to 0.75 for new hires. (The vast majority of respondents do not support this proposal.)

Be on the lookout for a rest break survey coming out soon. We need your response to help us with negotiations.

To hear details of negotiations, come get the Down and Dirty in 30. It’s a 30-minute update on negotiations to date. Monday, Nov. 4 in MMC – 4 (conference room on 4th floor Rainier) at 5:30 p.m. or 7:45 p.m. You will hear from us and the WSNA attorney representing our interests.

And, in case you didn’t know, you are invited to join us for negotiations. Next scheduled dates are Nov. 8, 13 and 20. If you want to attend the morning or afternoon session (or both), RSVP to WSNA Nurse Rep Sydne James at sjames@wsna.org.

We hope to see you soon, because while we are working really hard on your behalf to get the best contract, we are

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Ally Bure, OR; Charlene Sole, ER; Brenda Bowhay, Mother Baby; Cherie Griffith, Med/Surg; Michelle Stevenson, PCU; Danielle O’Toole, ICU; Liz Leske, Peri-Anesthesia; CJ Johnston, ER; Kayla Dougherty, NICU; Jess Oyler, OR