Your WSNA team of registered nurses met for a 5th bargaining session with VM administration and management #

We met on Thursday, May 27, for our 5th bargaining session and walked away feeling as if we made some progress….but not enough.

Your WSNA negoti­a­tion team was able to secure language on Rest Between Shift to have the penalty premium applied to all hours worked on the next shift without suffi­cient rest and not just some of the hours on the next shift.

We pushed back on management’s proposals to require nurses to give more notice of resig­na­tion, to increase the time of commit­ment to a position, to lengthen the proba­tionary period during which nurses do not have just cause” protec­tion and to add holiday work require­ments for Per Diem RNs. We success­fully fought off these proposals.

Manage­ment is proposing to provide a certain dollar amount for uniforms rather than providing for a guaran­teed number of garments. Who knows what you will be able to purchase in the future with a set dollar amount.

Appro­priate staffing remains a top priority for our team. We want there to be enough staff for the nurses to be able to take their every break, to get every meal and to use their educa­tion time and vacation that they have earned. Nurses deserve their time off when it works best for them!

WSNA has proposed an automatic trigger for Incen­tive Shift Premium to be offered when short staffed. We want to ensure that holes are filled quickly and that nurses have as much advance notice of open shifts should they want to pick them up.

Manage­ment is proposing to change the customary use of seniority for vacation approval and to cancel your vacation if there is not enough annual leave in bank due to low census.

We have proposed fair, compet­i­tive wage increases for all RNs. Manage­ment has proposed different wage increases for ADNs, BSNs and MSN. We need every nurse that we can get to help with our staffing issues. Manage­ment should value the contri­bu­tions of ALL of its nurses.

Manage­ment is attempting to find short term solutions while our WSNA team of RNs is focused on meaningful, long term solutions. Management’s proposals are inade­quate for the issues that we have raised.

Your team continues to do the work at the table to get a fair contract. Your prior­i­ties remain our driving force.

Our next session is sched­uled for June 11, 2021.

In Solidarity,
WSNA Negoti­a­tion Team; Jane Hill-Little­John, RN, Kari Benning, RN, Susan Dunn, RN, Arlene Alba, RN, Suzanne Baek, RN

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