We met on May 21, 2021, for our fourth negoti­a­tion session. We were disap­pointed with management’s responses. Their proposal did not address the staffing issues that the team raised. They instead proposed to add limita­tions for RNs applying for other positions, so that nurses can’t transfer for a certain period of time; to add more onerous work require­ments on per diems, including work on holidays; to require newly hired nurses to float sooner; and to cancel approved vacations if leave has been depleted by low census. They rejected our proposal to provide break coverage and to provide staffing consis­tent with the staffing matrix.

Our next session is sched­uled for May 27, 2021.


We will be distrib­uting stickers. Please contact Crystal Doll to arrange to pick them up for your unit cdoll@wsna.org.

In Solidarity,
WSNA Negoti­a­tion Team; Jane Hill-Little­John, RN, Kari Benning, RN, Susan Dunn, RN, Arlene Alba, RN, Suzanne Baek, RN

For questions, contact Michelle Moore at mmoore@wsna.org.