As most everyone already knows nurses need to be fully vacci­nated for COVID or have a medical or religious exemp­tion by Oct. 18, 2021. WSNA met for the fourth time today with Virginia Mason hospital leader­ship to bargain about the COVID vaccine mandates.

To meet Washington state’s require­ment Nurses, regard­less of vacci­na­tion status, must complete the new COVID-19 Vacci­na­tion Status Survey at https://​home​.common​spirit​.org/​e​m​p​l​o​y​e​e​c​e​n​t​r​a​l​/​h​e​a​l​t​h​/​c​o​v​i​d​v​a​c​c​i​n​e​s​t​a​t​u​s​u​nconnected. To apply for a medical or religious exemp­tion, complete the survey to receive additional instruc­tions. Nurses who have been fully vacci­nated need to send verifi­ca­tion to Employee Central with the dates of the vacci­na­tion and a photo.

Vaccine table

We were told the medical and religious exemp­tions have not been processed. If you are needing to submit for a medical or religious exemp­tion, do not wait to get this infor­ma­tion turned in. Virginia Mason was not able to give us a timeline for how long these will take to process the exemptions.

We have set another date to meet Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, and will update everyone after that meeting.

In Solidarity,

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Michelle Moore at