On Friday, May 21, your WSNA negoti­a­tion team and Virginia Mason manage­ment will be back at the table for our 4th session. We are looking forward to receiving Virginia Mason’s response to our initial proposal.

It is more impor­tant than ever that we stand united! Let’s put the team in the best and strongest position possible to advocate for what you need. Our unity now is more impor­tant than ever.

Not yet a member of WSNA? Now is the time to step up. Fill out your appli­ca­tion today. Clicklinkto fillable appli­ca­tion and email back to mmoore@wsna.org or cdoll@wsna.org.

In Solidarity,
WSNA Negoti­a­tion Team; Jane Hill-Little­John, RN, Kari Benning, RN, Susan Dunn, RN, Arlene Alba, RN, Suzanne Baek, RN,