EvergreenHealth Nurse Jeruschia Horton Earns May 2016 LifeSaver Award from LifeCenter Northwest

Jessica Evergreen Lifesaver Award

Kirkland, Wash. – Evergreen­Health is pleased to announce Jeruschia Horton, a charge nurse in the critical care unit (CCU), was given the LifeSaver Award for the month of May by LifeCenter North­west (LCNW).

Horton received the honor for effec­tively managing a complex organ donation that facil­i­tated the best possible result for the donor’s family, hospital staff and the organ donor recip­i­ents. The monthly award recog­nizes and honors providers who go to great lengths to save lives in instances where organ and tissue donation is critical. Horton was also featured in the LCNW monthly newsletter LifeSaver Series, which highlights the honoree’s commit­ment to saving lives.

We congrat­u­late Jerushia on this honor and for facil­i­tating organ and tissue donation,” said Evergreen­Health CEO Bob Malte. Her critical work is an example of our commit­ment to create a lasting, positive impact on our patients and the local community.”

Horton is a steward for organ and tissue donation in the CCU. As a charge nurse, she assumes manage­rial respon­si­bil­i­ties, including patient care and coordi­na­tion, and commu­ni­ca­tion between various medical teams to help facil­i­tate the gift of life through organ and tissue donations.

Horton received the award for displaying great compo­sure, focus and leader­ship during an organ donation case at Evergreen­Health. She worked closely with multiple parties, calming colleagues, commu­ni­cating with physi­cians and comforting the patient’s family as she supported their wishes. Horton also coordi­nated a meeting between hospital staff and the LCNW clinical team to assess the situa­tion, devise a strategy and execute the neces­sary steps in an extremely compli­cated, delicate and time-sensi­tive organ donation instance where time was of the essence.

Through Horton’s efforts, Evergreen­Health accom­mo­dated both the wishes of the donor patient and the patient’s family, while simul­ta­ne­ously supporting the staff and coordi­nating life-saving trans­plants. Horton’s work resulted in three organ trans­plants to two individ­uals, giving each a second chance at life.

Horton is an advocate for organ and tissue donations and consis­tently works behind the scenes with the LCNW team to maximize donation oppor­tu­ni­ties. The collab­o­ra­tive partner­ship between Evergreen­Health and LCNW make the gift of life through organ and tissue donations possible.

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