Anahealthy Nurse November2017

Be a part of the movement to change the health of the nation.

As members of the largest health profession, you are role models and critical to the nation’s health care system. Research has shown that healthy nurses are viewed as a more credible source of health information and are more likely to educate about improved health, yet the health of a registered nurse is worse than that of the average American.

In an effort to promote the health and wellbeing of the nation’s 3.6 million registered nurses, the American Nurses Association designated 2017 as the Year of the Healthy Nurse, with every month focused on a new theme. November is dedicated to mental health and wellness. ANA encourages nurses to seek ways to remain positive in all situations. Visit ANA's Health Nurse - November webpage for mental health and wellness resources.

And, don’t miss ANA’s webinar, Promoting Nurse Self-Care: Emotional and Mental Wellbeing (free for ANA members) on Wednesday, Nov. 15, from 1 to 2 p.m. EST. The webinar will focus on strategies that will help nurses identify and intervene with nursing mental health concerns. Mental health conditions that will be discussed include Nurse PTSD, depression, stress, suicide and anxiety disorders. Remember, safe patient care starts with self-care!

In addition, WSNA is a partner in ANA’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge, an initiative that connects and engages nurses, employers and organizations to improve health in physical activity, nutrition, rest, quality of life and safety.

Promote yours and your colleagues’ wellbeing by committing to the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge. Visit the ANA website for more tips, articles, webinars and resources to continue pursing your health and wellbeing. Inspire action, cultivate friendly competition, connect with other nurses and educate the community of the importance of healthy nurses. Be a part of the change and join the challenge!