The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) is a national, not-for-profit, organi­za­tion comprised of boards of nursing from 50 states and the District of Columbia; Washington state’s Board of Nursing (the Nursing Care Quality Assur­ance Commis­sion – NCQAC) is an active member of the NCSBN.

The NCSBN and NCQAC exist to protect the public’s health and welfare by assuring that safe and compe­tent nursing care is provided by licensed nurses. As the compre­hen­sive source of nursing licen­sure statis­tics for the U.S. and in order to track nursing as a workforce, NCSBN is partnering with their member state Boards of Nursing, including Washington state, to collect demographic data that pertains to licensed Regis­tered Nurses. Begin­ning January 1, 2018, NCQAC is requiring all nurses enroll with Nursys at the time of appli­ca­tion for a new nursing license or licen­sure renewal. 

Nursys fulfills the following purposes: 

  • Allows you or an employer to verify the status (active/​inactive) of your nursing license(s), the status of your practice privi­leges and the status of any disci­pli­nary action by a partic­i­pating board of nursing. 
  • Provides an e‑notification when you are due to renew any nursing licenses you hold and provides a central place to review your license(s). 
  • Collects demographic data via Nursys for the purposes of national and state workforce tracking. 

The NCSBN is a strong resource for nurses. For more infor­ma­tion about Nursys and other topics you may visit: https://​www​.ncsbn​.org/​nursys.htm

The demographic/​national workforce tracking data that you will be asked at the time of enroll­ment is:

Gender, race/​ethnicity, primary zip code, member­ship status of a collec­tive bargaining unit, language(s) spoken fluently, nursing degree at time of initial licen­sure, nursing school attended and year of gradu­a­tion, all nursing related degrees and creden­tials, which country origi­nally licensed in, year of initial nursing license, active status as an Advanced Practice Nurse, which states licensed as an APN, employ­ment status as a nurse and typical hours worked. 

Note: The Depart­ment of Health working with Washington State Office of Cyber Security and the NCSBN are serious about protecting your security and privacy. These entities have sophis­ti­cated defense systems in place to detect, block, and respond to cyber-attacks.