Public Health – Seattle & King County Director Patty Hayes selected for The Kresge Foundation’s Emerging Leaders in Public Health Initiative

Patty Hayes Portrait Sm

Patty Hayes, MN, RN, a member of WSNA’s Nursing Hall of Fame and Director of Public Health – Seattle & King County, is among those chosen to be part of The Kresge Founda­tions Emerging Leaders in Public Health Initia­tive. Hayes and Carina Elsen­boss, the department’s Prepared­ness Director, will be working to trans­form public health in the commu­ni­ties they serve. 

The Kresge Founda­tion announced the names of 40 public health leaders selected as part of the second cohort of the foundation’s Emerging Leaders in Public Health initia­tive in April. 

The program is designed to provide public health leaders of county and local health depart­ments oppor­tu­ni­ties to build additional knowl­edge and skills to tackle the challenges public health profes­sionals face in their commu­ni­ties. The 18-month program comes with coaching, technical assis­tance and a resource grant of up to $125,000.

Collec­tively, the 20 health depart­ments repre­sented by 40 cohort leaders serve nearly 14 million commu­nity members in cities across the country.