Run for WSNA Office

WSNA offers myriad opportunities for members to get involved in considering issues, making decisions and representing the work of the association.

Did you ever wish you had a greater say in WSNA’s priorities and programs?

WSNA offers myriad opportunities for members to get involved in considering issues, making decisions and representing the work of the association. You are WSNA, and your volunteer elected leaders are essential to keeping members’ voices at the forefront.

At this time, the WSNA and Economic & General Welfare search committees are seeking nominations for elected offices. You can nominate yourself by filling out a “Consent to Serve” form, available online at https://wsna.to/ConsentToServe. Also send us a short candidate statement and photo for publication in the winter issue of The Washington Nurse, where we will introduce the candidates.

Completed Consent to Serve forms can be submitted electronically at http://wsna.org/serve or on paper. Paper forms should be mailed to: Washington State Nurses Association, 575 Andover Park West, Suite 101, Seattle, WA. 98188.

Please note that the Consent to Serve also includes the opportunity to express interest in appointed positions.

Except as noted, terms for all offices are two years.

The deadline for receipt of nominations for printing in the Washington Nurse is Friday, Nov. 2.

All members in good standing are eligible for office; however, only those members represented for collective bargaining by WSNA and who meet the WSNA Bylaws definition of Staff Nurse may be candidates for the following offices:

  • Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare
  • Economic & General Welfare Nominating/Search Committee
  • Delegates and Alternates to the 2020 AFT convention

Nominations after Nov. 2

Members may declare their own candidacy by submitting a Consent to Serve form to the WSNA Secretary no later than sixty (60) days prior to the first meeting of the WSNA General Assembly (deadline is March 3, 2019) or by being nominated from the floor at the General Assembly (May 2, 2019). However, these nominations will not be printed in the winter 2019 issue of The Washington Nurse due to advance time required for printing.

The names of all candidates, regardless of time and method of nomination, will appear on the mailed election ballot, to be sent out following the May 2, 2019 General Assembly. Additionally, write-in candidates are allowed.

WSNA Board of Directors

Board members are elected to represent the membership of the WSNA. Board members have the legal, ethical and fiduciary responsibility for all Association activities and act as trustees of the organization on behalf of all Association members.

11 members:

  • President (1)
  • Vice President (1)
  • Secretary / Treasurer (1)
  • Directors At-Large (3)
  • Directors At-Large Staff Nurse (2) non-managerial, non-supervisory, direct patient care provider, represented by WSNA for collective bargaining
  • Chair of the Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare (1)*
  • Chair of the Legislative & Health Policy Council (1)*
  • Chair of the Professional Nursing & Health Care Council (1)*

Three to four one-day meetings per year; may also be appointed to other work groups such as the WSNF board of trustees, etc.

* Note: the chairs of the Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare, Legislative & Health Policy Council, and Professional Nursing & Health Care Council are elected separately and also serve as full members of the WSNA Board of Directors by virtue of their offices.

WSNA Nominations / Search Committee

Nominations / Search Committee members request nominations for office and review all completed Consent to Serve forms. They prepare the slate of qualified candidates and recommend chair and members for special committees.

Six members (four elected, two appointed)

  • Members (4)

Two to three one-day meetings per biennium (every other year).

Professional Nursing & Health Care Council

The PNHCC forecasts trends, promotes continuing education programs, addresses issue of nursing practice, collaborates with other nursing and specialty organizations, and develops resources on issues relating to nursing practice, education, human rights and access to health care.

11 members (seven elected, four appointed):

  • Chair (1) - also serves on WSNA Board of Directors
  • Members (6)

Three one-day meetings per year; some committee work outside of meetings is also typical.

Legislative & Health Policy Council

Council members serve in a politically non-partisan capacity to recommend a state legislative agenda to the WSNA Board of Directors, review proposed legislation and recommend response, educate and assist the WSNA membership in understanding WSNA’s legislative priorities and assist in providing information to legislators and the public.

Seven members (four elected, three appointed):

  • Chair (1) - also serves on WSNA Board of Directors
  • Members (3)

Three one-day meetings per year, with the addition of Advocacy Camp and Nurse Legislative Day; weekly phone conference calls while the Washington State Legislature is in session (usually Jan. through March or April).

ANA Membership Assembly

(One is the President; others elected)

  • Delegates (13)

The following offices are restricted to members represented by WSNA for collective bargaining:

Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare (E&GW)

The Cabinet sets priorities for WSNA labor relations functions and activities and is charged with developing and reviewing policies and procedures for the conduct of the E&GW program and collective bargaining. The Cabinet also establishes standards and rules for Local Units.

10 members:

  • Chair (1) - Also serves on WSNA Board of Directors
  • Vice Chair (1)
  • Secretary / Treasurer (1)
  • At-Large Members (7)

Four to six one-day meetings and six to eight conference calls per year; additional work outside of meetings.

E&GW Nominating / Search Committee

Researches and requests names of candidates and prepares slate for election to Cabinet, Nominating/Search Committee, and delegates and alternates to the governing body of any national or international labor organization with which WSNA is affiliated.

Three members:

  • Members (3) Candidate receiving the highest number of votes serves as Chair

Two to three one-day meetings per biennium.

2020 AFT Convention

Must be a member in good standing of WSNA and AFT. Delegates attend and participate in AFT’s four-day convention. All expenses paid by WSNA.

  • Delegates (up to 20)

View the WSNA Handbook for Cabinet, Council & Committee Members here.