Nurses campaigning in a time of coronavirus

This content origi­nally appeared in the Spring/​Summer 2020 issue (PDF) of The Washington Nurse magazine. 

Wa nurse campaigning

In this election year, the pandemic has made one thing crystal clear: nurses are vitally impor­tant to the health of our commu­ni­ties. We need nurses — in our hospi­tals, in our long-term care facil­i­ties, in our schools and in our state legislature.

Stay-home orders have thrown state legisla­tive campaigns into new terri­tory — with candi­dates unable to hold events, meet their constituents at the door or present at town halls. That hasn’t stopped these two amazing WSNA-PAC-endorsed nurses from stepping up to run for the state legislature!

Washington state currently has only one nurse serving in the legis­la­ture, Rep. Eileen Cody. There is no nurse in the State Senate. We know we need nurses in the legis­la­ture so that when scope of practice, patient safety or bills dealing with working condi­tions arise, a nurse is on hand to explain the impli­ca­tions of poten­tial policy changes. It is vital to the mission of WSNA to support and elect nurses.

Please learn more about the nurses running for office in 2020 — and contribute to their campaigns if you are able

Wa nurse ingrid anderson 01

Ingrid Anderson

WSNA member: Ingrid Anderson #

Running for State Senate
5th Legisla­tive District — Issaquah, Snoqualmie, North Bend

Ingrid Anderson is someone who steps up when there’s a need. As an Emergency Depart­ment nurse, she took her hospital to arbitra­tion over missed breaks­ — and won. She showed up in Olympia to testify in support of the breaks and overtime protec­tions bill to ensure that all nurses across the state have access to the same breaks she does — and won. And now she’s running for State Senate — and, with the support of the many groups and individ­uals who know she will fight for them, she is poised to win.

For nearly 30 years, Ingrid has called her district home. She gradu­ated from Snoqualmie public schools and Bellevue College and earned a full schol­ar­ship to earn her bachelor’s degree at UW Bothell. Following gradu­a­tion, Ingrid worked in Overlake’s Emergency Depart­ment and served as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Ingrid now works in Overlake’s psychi­atric depart­ment and is pursuing her master’s degree to become a psychi­atric nurse practitioner.

Now, Ingrid is ready to draw on all this experi­ence to repre­sent her commu­nity, and nurses and patients across the state, in Olympia. Ingrid has been a fierce advocate at the bedside, in her hospital, before the legis­la­ture — and now’s she’s ready to go to work as the only nurse in the State Senate.

Ingrid is endorsed by all three nursing and health care worker unions, by teachers and educa­tors, by grocers and many more. She’s earned these endorse­ments because they know that Ingrid will put working families first — something that is now more impor­tant than ever.

Wa nurse suzanne woodard 01

Suzanne Woodard

UFCW21 member: Suzanne Woodard #

Running for House of Repre­sen­ta­tives, Position 1
10th Legisla­tive District — Issaquah, Snoqualmie, North Bend

Suzanne Woodard has spent her career caring for the most vulner­able. For 38 years, Suzanne served as a nurse — first spending a decade treating patients in the ICU and then as a neonatal nurse, deliv­ering babies and supporting families. Today, Suzanne is an educator and one of a few people in Washington state trained to teach neonatal resuscitation.

Suzanne grew up in Snohomish County, and her husband grew up on Whidbey Island. They are parents to six children. Suzanne knows the impor­tance of quality public schools so that her grand­kids and children all across Washington state have equal oppor­tu­nity to access a world-class education.

In Olympia, Suzanne will focus on safe staffing, patient safety, and access to health care in small, rural commu­ni­ties. Suzanne was recently endorsed by Rep. June Robinson, a public health profes­sional, who said, Now, more than ever, we need her experi­ence as a nurse and a health care profes­sional in the Legislature.”

With endorse­ments from nurses, grocers, child care workers, home health workers and women’s organi­za­tions, Suzanne is well-positioned going into August’s Primary Election. It is critical that we help more nurses move into positions of power, including in our state legis­la­ture. We know Suzanne will be a strong advocate for nurses, patients and families.