Ongoing need for emergency volunteer health practitioners

DOH is contin­uing to look for medical practi­tioners and caregivers who are willing to support health care and long term care facil­i­ties in the event of a surge this fall related to COVID-19. Those volun­teers could be health practi­tioners licensed in another state who can practice in Washington if their other licenses are in good standing and they register with us. Or, they could be health practi­tioners licensed in Washington who want to volun­teer to help meet demands in an emergency.

Right now, DOH are urgently looking for Certi­fied Nursing Assis­tants, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Health Care Assis­tants. Inter­ested volun­teers can visit our website at www​.doh​.wa​.gov/​e​m​e​r​g​e​n​c​yvolunteer to learn more about our emergency volun­teer program or email with specific questions.