Now is the time to speak up, because #SilenceKills

Wsna silence kills web reversed

As nurses and health care providers, we should not be expected to face this pandemic without proper personal protec­tive equip­ment (PPE),” says Adam Halvorsen, a regis­tered nurse in Washington state and WSNA board member. Now is the time to speak up, because #SilenceKills.”

Adam is a Marine who was deployed to Iraq and has worked as a firefighter and first responder, all roles where proper PPE helped keep him safe. Nurses like Adam on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 deserve to be safe, too.

Nurses and health care workers, speak out for patient safety. Speak out for your safety. Proper personal protec­tive equip­ment (PPE) is essen­tial in the battle against COVID-19. Your voice matters.

Take a selfie with this sign and send it to to show your support.