Contract bargaining update

Your WSNA team of registered nurses met for our second bargaining session on Tuesday, Nov. 16.

The employer provided a fairly comprehensive counter to WSNAs initial proposal including economics.

We had a lot of productive dialogue before breaking for the day.

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 7, at which time WSNA will provide our first counter.

There are a number of areas that we will need to see movement on from the employer in the way of raises and other bargaining unit member priorities.

Your team is comprised of RNs Chris Marshall and Heidi Odupitan, along with WSNA Representative Ed Zercher and WSNA Attorney Jacob Harksen.

We will continue to meet and bargain until we reach a contract that AMR registered nurses deserve!

In Unity,

Ed Zercher BSN, RN

WSNA Nurse Representative

For questions or concerns contact Chris Marshall, Heidi Odupitan, or WSNA Nurse Representative Ed Zercher.