Teamsters Strike set to begin at noon on Friday, Dec. 21

While we all want to be supportive of the Teamsters during their pending strike, it is important to remember what we can and cannot do. Under Section 17.01 of our contract:

  • We cannot refuse to cross the picket line. You must continue to perform your duties.
  • We cannot join the picket line – even on your own time!
  • We cannot engage in any kind of slow down
  • We cannot establish a sick-out

Nurses who engage in any of these activities place themselves at risk for termination of your employment.

During the strike, we can remain informed about ongoing developments. Your WSNA staff and local leaders are in contact with the Teamsters. We are consulting with them about steps we can all take that are within the parameters of Section 17.01. Please stay tuned! Together, we will help our EMT sisters and brothers win the contract that they deserve.

If you have any questions, contact me, WSNA Nurse Representative Terri Williams, MS, RN, at twilliams@wsna.org.