We are thrilled to inform you of what we believe to be a fantastic agree­ment. We have made the following signif­i­cant gains:

  • Annual raises: Year One — 4% (retroac­tive to January 1), Year Two — 4%, Year Three ‑3.25%;
  • Recog­ni­tion of 1:1 parity for years of experi­ence up to 10 years for all newly hired RNs and currently employed RNs with proof of relevant experi­ence (within 90 days of contract ratification);
  • Addition of Step 27 starting Jan. 2020;
  • New weekend differ­en­tial of $3.00 hour;
  • Increase in night shift differ­en­tial rate to $3.00 and hours to 1900 – 0700;
  • Return of HSA employer contri­bu­tion starting 2020;
  • Expanded use of profes­sional funds for equipment;
  • Ability for new hires to access accrued vacation time after 6 months instead of 1 year;
  • Accel­er­ated vacation accrual for existing RNs.

In addition to the above economic gains, the parties agreed to modify the existing griev­ance procedure.

Save the date to VOTE — Tuesday, Feb. 12 #

The vote will be conducted at the AMR offices in Tukwila from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
2nd floor – Confer­ence Room 224

Your WSNA team recom­mends a yes vote!

No proxy or absentee ballots can be accepted.

Questions? Contact a negoti­a­tion team member or WSNA Nurse Rep Terri Williams at twilliams@wsna.org.