Newsletter September 2022

In this issue

  • Are you getting paid correctly for paid time off?
  • COVID-19 update
  • Negotiation team update
  • Join the Contract Action Team (CAT)
  • Keep your unit engaged and informed
  • Vacation and time off requests

UWMC-NW RNs – Are you getting paid correctly on your holiday, vacation, and sick time off?

If you are working on evenings or nights you are entitled to a shift differential per article 9.1, Appendix B (10hr shift) or C (12hr shift). This differential is not automatically applied when taking your time off in Kronos. Your manager must manually enter this differential into the system for the days you are off. WSNA is aware this is an additional hardship for our members, and we are encouraging the University to fix this in Kronos but want to ensure that everyone is paid correctly. If you are working a rotating shift, you do not have a designated shift. Read this MOU for clarification on how you will be paid shift differential on your time off hours. Please always check your timecards and if you have any questions reach out to your nurse representative.

COVID-19 update

With the governor set to end the state of health emergency by October 31, 2022, there will be many changes and challenges ahead. WSNA will keep you updated on changes as they occur and how they will affect our members. If you have concerns please contact your nurse representative.

Negotiation team update

We are moving into an early bargaining with the employer to work on improving economics at the University. This will enable the university to improve recruitment and retention of staff. The team has been working fast and furious with prep and has met with our attorney. Our first day of bargaining will be September 16, 2022. I’d like to introduce you to the members of your team:

Liz Tassani – ED

Grace Jones – ICU

Josef Mansour – ED

Kari Christanson – Out Patient Surgery

Heidi Glendenning – Childbirth Center

Jerrome Sicat – Outpatient Surgery

Watch for frequent updates as these negotiations progress, the best way to do this is to ensure your personal email is updated and provided to WSNA. Updates can also be found on this page.

Your voice is important, to vote on the contract you must be a member in good standing. To become a member please use the link to the membership application at https://www.wsna.org/membership/application.

If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact the membership department at membership@wsna.org

Join the Contract Action Team (CAT)

The bargaining team is asking for RNs to be a member of the Contract Action Team (CAT) to help get the fair contract that you deserve. These Nurses will put into action what the bargaining team feels is necessary to gain momentum at the table. It could be encouraging your unit to wear a button, sign a petition, attend a meeting, etc. The goal is for management not only to see but feel that they are bargaining with all the nurses, not just those at the table. This is the heart and soul of union work. Contact WSNA Nurse Organizer Will Nesper if you are interested or have questions. Meetings are not mandatory and after the initial training session will be ~30 minutes. Will’s email address is wnesper@wsna.org or call him at 206-713-2443.

Keep your unit engaged and informed

Step out of your comfort zone a wee bit and help make the changes you desire in your workplace. The essential responsibility of a unit rep is to be in contact with your coworkers to make sure they are getting the updates and paying attention during contract bargaining. Contact WSNA Nurse Organizer Will Nesper to learn more. Will’s email address is wnesper@wsna.org or call him at 206-713-2443.

Vacation and time off requests

When requesting time off it is expected that our members receive a response to this within 2 weeks for non-peak periods. Article 10.3.3 speaks to this: When a vacation request is submitted eight (8) weeks or more in advance of schedule posting, that request shall be responded to within two (2) weeks of that request. Nurses shall not be required to secure their own coverage for any properly requested time off. Refer to article 10.3.4 for peak vacation timelines. You are not required to find your own coverage for a time off request. If you are not receiving a timely response from your management team or being told to find your own coverage, please reach out to your WSNA nurse representatives right away so we can help resolve this within the grievance timelines. Often issues like this can be resolved without a grievance.

Please remember that WSNA is your resource for your wages, hours and working conditions. Please reach out to your local unit officers or WSNA representatives with comments or concerns.

Stephenie Troftgruben Nurse Representative: Stroftgruben@wsna.org

Sara Frey Nurse Representative: sfrey@wsna.org

Will Nesper Nurse organizer: Wnesper@WSNA.org