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Negotiation update day 2

Yesterday, Sept. 29, your bargaining team met in-person with the County for our second session. We worked collaboratively to compile and identify twenty (20) Memorandums of understanding (MOU)that had been bargained in the past 2 years since the last contract. We reviewed each to determine whether it would need to be continued, merged into the contract, allowed to expire, or no longer applicable due to the state of emergency expiring.

We had some initial but productive discussion about staffing challenges. Both King County and WSNA recognized the challenges and problems caused by the pandemic and its aftermath. Several of our priorities aligned. No proposals were passed yet. We have put more dates on the calendar, our next sessions will be on October 14 and October 27.

Your Bargaining team,
Tyler Brier, Chair, Child Care program
Tami Nesler, Grievance officer, MRJC
Carolyn Clark, Grievance officer, KCCF
Kaila Tang, PHN with Nurse Family Partnership

For questions, please contact WSNA Nurse Representative Michelle Moore MMoore@wsna.org or reach out to your local unit officers.

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Document unsafe conditions

If you find yourself in a situation that you believe creates unsafe conditions for patients or for you, you should complete a Staffing Complaint / ADO Form as soon as possible.

By completing the form, you will help make the problem known to management, creating an opportunity for the problem to be addressed. Additionally, you will be documenting the facts, which may be helpful to you later if there is a negative outcome.

WSNA also uses your ADO forms to track the problems occurring in your facility. When you and your coworkers take the important step of filling out an ADO form, you are helping to identify whether there is a pattern of unsafe conditions for you or your patients at your facilities. This information is used by your conference committee, staffing committee, and WSNA labor staff to improve your working conditions.

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Representation rights

If called into a meeting with management, read the following to management when the meeting begins:

If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, I respectfully request that my union representative be present at this meeting. Without representation present, I choose not to participate in this discussion.