Important information about health benefits and new emergency childcare benefit #

WSNA and other unions repre­senting workers in King County have reached a tenta­tive agreement! 

Child Care

This year’s pandemic has created huge challenges for working parents with school-age children who are learning remotely. JLMIC Unions won a $9 million fund to cover child­care expenses for County employees for the 2020 – 2021 school year. These benefits will become avail­able this autumn; we are currently working on the process. 

We are looking to the next school year and the uncer­tainty that lies ahead. It was agreed that any funds that are not spent this school year could be consid­ered for the following school year. 

Protecting Health Coverage and Reducing Layoffs

In addition to child­care, JLMIC bargaining also protected employee health coverage with no benefit cuts, and found money to reduce layoffs.

Every two years, the Unions negotiate how much King County contributes toward health care benefits. Any unspent money goes into a Protected Fund Reserve (PFR). Because of successful past negoti­a­tions, the PFR has grown to over $75 million by 2020. With those healthy reserves, we temporarily reduced King County’s contri­bu­tions to health care premiums, saving the County millions of dollars that are dedicated to reducing layoffs. There will be no impact to workers and health coverage will continue as before. 

If any layoffs occur, we bargained an agree­ment that the fund would cover three months of COBRA premiums for the employee. 

Questions? Contact your WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive — Michelle Moore at for Staff and Sydne James at for Supervisors.