On Tuesday, July 7, WSNA will be joining with OFNHP to distribute FREE face masks and face shields donated by our national union, the American Feder­a­tion of Teachers (AFT).

Tuesday, July 7
6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (while supplies last)

On the corner of E Mill Plain and NE Mother Joseph on the grass strip next to the bus stop

Last Friday, Gov. Inslee’s statewide manda­tory face covering order was put into effect. AFT, WSNA, and OFNHP planned ahead and are ready to support our members and our commu­nity in their efforts to stay safe. Spread the word to your coworkers including our other union and non-union/non-RN workers. All are welcome!

These masks are not meant for clinical use, rather they are meant to help you protect yourself and your families in the commu­nity because our union cares about you off shift too.

We will be social distancing and wearing masks so come by and hear about the other info we have to share!

Sincerely, your WSNA officers:
Jonathan Chase, Co-Chair and Griev­ance Officer
Didi Gray, Co-Chair and Member at Large
Dawn Marick, Secretary/​Treasurer and Griev­ance Officer
Melissa Smithdeal, Griev­ance Officer
Christie Riley, Griev­ance Officer
Summer Chase, Member at Large
Deb Krenzler, Member at Large

Questions or concerns? Contact WSNA Nurse Organizer Ryan Rosenkranz at rrosenkranz@wsna.org.