Astria Toppenish Hospital

Negotiation update

We met with the administration on Dec. 3 for our first session of mediation with a federal mediator. We spent much of the day bringing the mediator up to date with the negotiations and explaining in great detail our position. The day was well spent and brings us closer to a successful resolution.

The negotiation team has heard reports of nurses incurring insufficient fund fees from their banks due to the payroll error that caused paychecks to be late on Nov. 23. If you have been impacted by this, please notify WSNA Nurse Representative Jayson Dick as soon as possible.

In Solidarity,

Your Negotiation Team: Herbie Aganda, Evette Runyon, Mark McFeeley, Laurie Robinson and Ty Fotheringill

Questions? Call our WSNA nurse representative, Jayson Dick, MBA, BSN, RN, at 206-858-2139.

United we stand up for patients and for dignity

Yakima Picket Notice Delivery

Our hospitals are able to serve our community because nurses and service and technical workers make the commitment every day to give our absolute best for the care of our patients. Together, WSNA and SEIU took a stand and demanded that Astria show that same level of commitment. A true commitment to the care and lives of our patients means having the supplies and staff for us to do our jobs. When the hospital fails us, they are failing our patients and our community.

That is why on Friday, Nov. 9, we marched to administration together and delivered the 10-day notice of our intent to conduct an informational picket.

We can’t sit on the sidelines while our employer makes decisions that interfere with our ability to provide care, hurts our opportunities to attract and retain great staff and disrespects our commitment and years of service to our facility.

We are picketing for dignity, respect, safe staffing and a standard of care our community needs and deserves. Join us on Nov. 20 on the picket line. Only together can we hold Astria accountable and call on them to prioritize patient care.

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Picket Party

Monday, Nov. 19, 2018
5-7 p.m.
Shepherds Heart Church – 2 S. 10th Ave
Pizza and soda will be provided.

Informational Picket and Rally

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018
12:30-2:30 p.m.
On Walnut between 8th and 9th Ave
Food will be provided so you can join us on your break or lunch!

Negotiation update – day 4

WSNA appreciates the feedback we have received regarding the lack of supplies in the Hospital. Your bargaining team raised these issues at the bargaining table during our session on Oct. 4. The Administration maintains that the current cash flow problem is temporary and in the process of being resolved. In the meantime, you are encouraged to bring concerns related to your ability to safely and effectively deliver care to your patients, including any lack of supplies, directly to the Chief Nursing Officer to get them resolved.

Your bargaining team received the Hospital’s assurances that the problems we are all seeing at Toppenish are temporary. While we all recognize that the Hospital has gone through several tough years, we also know that this hospital cannot rebuild without an investment in skilled and committed nurses. It is with this commitment to the future of the Hospital in mind that the bargaining team resubmitted our full economic proposal without any change. We will report back to you on the response we receive from the Hospital following our next negotiation meeting.

In Solidarity!

Your negotiation team: Jody Shively, Tanya Gutierrez, Carling Vaux, Clara Bucio, Diane Paulakis and Crystal Kosik

Questions? Call WSNA Nurse Rep Jayson Dick MBA, BSN, RN at 1-206-858-2139.

Negotiation update - Aug. 9 meeting

Our negotiating team met with administration on Aug. 9. We were able to reach a fair amount of tentative agreements regarding layoff and restructure language. Your bargaining team has remained firm in our commitment for competitive wages that would enable the hospital to retain and recruit enough nurses to provide our patients with the care they deserve. While the bargaining team is disappointed with the hospital’s inadequate wage proposal, the team will continue to fight for fair wages and better staffing at our hospital.

In Solidarity!

Your Negotiation Team: Jody Shively, Tanya Gutierrez, Carling Vaux, Clara Bucio, Diane Paulakis, Crystal Kosik

Questions? Call your Nurse Representative Jayson Dick MBA, BSN, RN at 1-206-858-2139.

Negotiation update: Day 2

Your bargaining team met for the second session with the Medical Center on Aug. 1. We received the employer’s initial proposal and reached a few tentative agreements. However, the Hospital has rejected WSNA’s proposal to close the market wage gap with surrounding hospitals. Instead, the employer has offered 2.5%, 1.25%, 1% for the life of the of the contract with adjustments to steps in the first year. The employer’s proposal would push us even further behind the market and continue the Medical Center’s reliance on traveler nurses to care for our patients. Please stay tuned for information about what you can do to win a contract that is fair for our patients, our community and our nurses. Please encourage your team as we head back to the table for day three on the Aug. 9.

In Solidarity!

Your Negotiation Team: Jody Shively, Tanya Gutierrez, Carling Vaux, Clara Bucio, Diane Paulakis and Crystal Kosik

Questions? Call WSNA Nurse Rep Jayson Dick, MBA, BSN, RN at 1-206-858-2139.

Negotiation update: Day 1

We met with administration on July 6 and were pleased to see an employer bargaining team with faces we recognize. We appreciate the employer's engagement in the process. Your bargaining team presented our opening proposal and we look forward to receiving the employer's completed proposal at our next session.

Please support and encourage your negotiating team as we fight for competitive wages and a fair contract.

In solidarity!

Your negotiating team: Jody Shively, Tanya Gutierrez, Carling Vaux, Clara Bucio, Diane Paulakis and Crystal Kosik

Questions? Call Nurse Representative Jason Dick, MBA, BSN, RN at 1-206-858-2139

Upcoming local unit meeting

It is now time to begin negotiating our first contract with Astria Health. Come and hear from our chief negotiator and negotiation team as we prepare to go to the table to gain a fair contract with long overdue competitive wages.

Where: Conference Room

When: Wednesday, June 27 from 6-8 p.m.

In Solidarity,

Your Negotiation Team: Clara Bucio-Martinez, Carling Vaux, Luz Alvarez, Diane Paulakis, Tanya Guererrez Leishman, Jody Shively, Crystal Kosik and Michell Stubbs

Questions? Call WSNA Nurse Rep Jayson Dick, MBA, BSN, RN at 1-206-858-2139.

Your contract negotiations survey is now online!

The current contract between WSNA and your local unit expires July 31, 2018. This survey is our first step in our preparation for contract negotiations. Your input is critical to determining our priorities as we head to the bargaining table. It is vital that we know your issues and concerns prior to the start of the negotiations.

Take a moment to complete this survey now. The power of representation comes from the willingness of registered nurses to unite; our strength is in unity! Remember, in order for WSNA to be an effective, strong, influential voice for you at the negotiation table, we need your membership and involvement.

Please provide us with your current contact information. WSNA and your negotiating team members do not share this information with anyone. It is only collected so that we may contact you if we have questions and so we may share important information with you regarding current negotiations and issues.

Please have all surveys completed by June 8, 2018.

Your voice will be heard, your input is valuable. There is no strength, without UNITY!


Questions? Call WSNA Nurse Rep Jayson Dick MBA, BSN, RN at 1-206-858-2139.