• Have you ever experi­enced a violent incident or assault at work?

• Is needed personal protec­tive equip­ment (PPE) readily accessible?

• Is lift equip­ment for safe patient handling avail­able on each acute care unit?

All nurses should work in a safe and healthy environment.

WSNA’s Health and Safety Survey is a critical first step in making your workplace safer and healthier. You know better than anyone whether your hospital is meeting the regula­tions that govern workplace health and safety. 

Please take the time to complete our Workplace Health and Safety Survey so that we can get to work on addressing these issues in your hospital.

The sad truth is that nurses today face violence from patients, injure themselves when safe lifting equip­ment is not avail­able, and may be exposed to harmful chemi­cals and blood­borne pathogens. Hospi­tals are required to follow numerous laws and regula­tions related to your health and safety in the workplace. The Health and Safety Survey assesses your employer’s compli­ance with these laws and regula­tions. WSNA wants to hear from you so that we can identify the most pressing problems and address them.

WSNA will use your responses to:

• Gather baseline infor­ma­tion on the current status of employer compliance

• Inform WSNA on where to focus and prior­i­tize our efforts 

• Follow up on specific employers for further investigation 

Please, complete the Workplace Health and Safety Survey today!

Because there are so many laws and regula­tions, it will take you about 10 minutes to complete the Health and Safety Survey. We urge you to take the time because your input is critical to making hospi­tals safer and healthier workplaces for you, the nurses.

We will share the survey results in an upcoming edition of The Washington Nurse.