UW Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain

We are happy to share the news that the second edition of Univer­sity of WA Alcohol & Drug Abuse Insti­tute’s (ADAI) clini­cian training Medic­inal Cannabis and Chronic Pain” is now live (http://​adai​.uw​.edu/mcacp/) . This new version was possible thanks to ADAI internal I‑502 funds and comes at an excel­lent time, since its 2015 version did not have two impor­tant updates, now included: 

This online training is free of charge for anyone inter­ested. It is also eligible, for a small fee, for two Contin­uing Medical Educa­tion credits (CME) through UW and 2 Contin­uing Pharma­cist Educa­tion credits through WA State Pharmacy Associ­a­tion (WSPA).