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Disaster preparedness: Start the new year prepared

The start of a new year is the perfect time to ensure your disaster supplies are up to date. While disaster planning isn’t usually at the top of everyone’s to-do list, a small amount of planning now can make a big difference when you’re faced with a natural disaster or emergency.

Pearls for Practice: Accepting constructive criticism

The mention of the word “criticism” can instantly bring up feelings of dread, failure and defensiveness. However, criticism can be an important opportunity for growth, self-reflection and self-awareness for the professional nurse.

Filling the nurse faculty gap

To graduate the number of nurses needed to meet the demand, Washington state needs more nurse faculty. In 2016, the Washington Center for Nursing (WCN) began efforts to examine whether there was a nurse faculty shortage.

ANA launches new podcast

On Jan. 27, the American Nurses Association launched a new podcast series in partnership with Johnson & Johnson entitled SEE YOU NOW.

We won! Now what? Learn about legislation that impacts nurses

Attend an event in our Fall Leadership Series. Learn what you can do as a nurse to ensure successful implementation of new laws aimed at preventing workplace violence and protecting overtime and breaks for healthcare professionals.

Opioids workshops announced

The State of Washington has recently addressed the ongoing problem with prescription opioids through two recent actions: the signing of Executive Order 16-09 and the passing of Engrossed Substitute House Bill (ESHB) 1427 and its subsequent signing into law. Included in these actions are a series of seven workshops held around the…

ANA publishes nightingale letters online

The American Nurses Association has published two items penned by Florence Nightingale. These letters are part of an effort to make available original writings of Miss Nightingale.

UW Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain

We are happy to share the news that the second edition of University of WA Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute's (ADAI) clinician training "Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain" is now live (http://adai.uw.edu/mcacp/).

March Meeting: Cross-Cultural Leadership to Promote a Culture of Health

Join us at this special web-presentation by Adriana Perez, PhD, ANP-­BC,FAAN on diversity in leadership among current and future nurses. This presentation integrates the importance of a culture of health and the link between a culture of health and cross-cultural leadership.

Exclusive Nurse Leader Scholarship for ANA Members

Capella University and the ANA Leadership Institute announce the "Nurse Leader Scholarship" for nurses who want to advance their career and move into expanded clinical and leadership roles.

Choosing continuing education that's right for you

There are many continuing education (CE) programs available to nurses, and it can be hard to choose programs in which to participate. With new continuing competency rules in effect, it is important to find quality CE programs that fit your needs.

Is School Nursing For YOU?

Are you the parent of school-aged children looking for a family friendly nursing career? Or maybe you are looking to continue your nursing career in a role that takes advantage of your many years of experience but is not as physically demanding as nursing in a hospital. Have we got a job for you!

Streamlining the path to BSN

We are halfway through the second phase of the APIN project in Washington State, which aims to achieve the Institute of Medicine’s goal of an 80 percent BSN-prepared workforce that is more diverse and inclusive by 2020.