How telehealth is changing nursing

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Telemedicine is changing the health care delivery landscape and the nurse’s role in providing care. 

In this series, we look at the emergence and evolu­tion of telehealth and the many ways technology is being used to bring specialty care to under­served patients outside of major medical centers. We also bring you perspec­tives from CNA and the Nurses Service Organi­za­tion about poten­tial risks associ­ated with telehealth and strate­gies to enhance clinical, opera­tions and technical processes associ­ated with telehealth. Finally, we share stories from nurses around the state who are using telemed­i­cine to better serve patients through emergency depart­ment stroke care, lung cancer screen­ings, neuro­log­ical exams at a distance, telepsy­chi­atry and more.