Washington State Department of Health recruiting volunteer health practitioners


Nurses from around the country are stepping up in a big way to safeguard our commu­ni­ties and work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While an emergency procla­ma­tion from the Governor is in effect, a volun­teer health practi­tioner who is licensed in another state may practice in Washington without obtaining a Washington license if they are in good standing in all states of licen­sure and are regis­tered in the volun­teer health practi­tioner system.

The time is now for nurses to do what we do. We get involved. We don’t sit on the sidelines while our commu­ni­ties suffer. We get things done. This pandemic will not subside without the dedica­tion and effort of our nation’s nurses.

Find what you need to begin the process of signing up today.

Volun­teers should also consider regis­tering with their local medical reserve corps. Learn more here.

Questions can be emailed to the WAserv coordi­nator, Kim Butowicz, at or 360 – 236-4090.