Statement by WSNA Executive Director Sally Watkins on COVID-19

“Nurses are on the frontlines of caring for patients, including those with COVID-19. Nurses feel a tremendous professional and ethical calling to care for every patient, and they are doing just that. We are all working together under extraordinary circumstances to deal with this public health crisis in our state.”

WSNA statement on nurses and COVID-19

Nurses are on the frontlines of caring for patients, including those with COVID-19, and nurses represented by the Washington State Nurses Association have been caring for COVID-19 patients here in Washington state. Nurses feel a tremendous professional and ethical calling to care for every patient, and they are doing just that. We…

FAQ on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Senior citizens and people with underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems are at increased risk of severe disease.

WSNA, WSMA, WCAAP Joint Statement on COVID-19 Outbreak

The Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA), Washington State Medical Association (WSMA), and Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (WCAAP), representing more than 30,000 health professionals in the state, today issued a joint statement on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Information on the Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave program

The Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave program became effective for Washington employees as of the beginning of this year. This state run program is designed to provide paid leave for employees for instances such as the illness or injury of an employee or employee’s family member or parental bonding time with a new child.

2020 Legislative Session: week 6

It was a busy week of floor action at the State Capitol. Wednesday night was the House of Origin cutoff which means that all bills not necessary to implement the budget (NTIB) must be voted out of their original legislative chamber or they would no longer be viable. Bills that were voted out prior to cutoff will have hearings in the…

2020 Legislative Session: week 8

This week bills that weren’t considered “necessary to implement the budget” (NTIB) were required to pass out of their fiscal committees by Monday night. Legislators worked the weekend and late on Monday to hear as many bills as possible before the cutoff.

2020 Legislative Town Halls

Attend your legislators’ Town Hall meetings and advocate for School Nurse Corps funding and other nursing priorities. It’s a great opportunity to hear directly from your legislators.

2020 Legislative Session Week 4

What a week! WSNA nurses were at the Capitol this week – advocating for nursing priorities and working families. On Thursday, nurses from around the state joined WSNA’s Lobby Day and spoke with their legislators on our priority issues.

Nurses Climate Challenge: Educating 50,000 Health Professionals by 2022

To activate nurses, the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and Health Care Without Harm launched the Nurses Climate Challenge in May 2018, a national campaign to educate health professionals on climate and health. We are aiming to educate 50,000 health professionals by 2022.

You're thinking of retiring...

Nurses about to enter into a new chapter of their life­ — retirement — often have questions about options for licensure renewal and continuing their membership in WSNA.

What does professional activism look like?

Professional activism is the engagement of skilled and competent professionals utilizing strategic campaigning to achieve a goal. In nursing, it is nurses coming together to assess a need and identify the problem, design and implement a plan to address the issue, evaluate that plan, and repeat until the problem is solved.