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A life saved – my grandson

I am so proud to be a nurse, and I’m glad to witness the fabulous work our nurses do at Sacred Heart Medical Center and St. Luke’s Rehab. Thank you to all the healthcare providers!

2021 to 2023 biennial report

These achievements belong to all of us — our members, staff, and the many volunteer leaders who have stepped up to make a difference for our association and the nursing profession.

A look at forensic nursing

Forensic nursing supports abuse survivors, collects evidence, and restores dignity. Progress has been made, but there's more to achieve.

Perspective from a nurse at Astria Toppenish

Astria Toppenish nurses fought for better wages but faced devastation as the hospital closed the Family Medical Center. Efforts continue to restore OB/GYN services for the community.

In the Frame: Toppenish

The Washington Nurse magazine showcases hospitals in the state and their communities. In this issue: Astria Toppenish Hospital.

WA House passes safe staffing bill

On April 6, the House passed the healthcare staffing bill (ESSB 5236), the final legislative hurdle in a long process, to begin addressing the ongoing hospital staffing crisis this legislative session. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk.