To all Sacred Heart Nurses, from your WSNA Officer Team: #

As we move into another May, we realize that any gift we offer you all is completely inade­quate to the immense dignity, courage and compas­sion you all have shown this past year. We are so proud to repre­sent Sacred Heart nurses, and we realize that many fears exist about the present — and future — of our well-being and our workplace. Thus, this year, we elected to simul­ta­ne­ously support our local business commu­nity — which has also been impacted — and connect their grati­tude with you all. Even during their own personal loss, the commu­nity sees what we have sacri­ficed. Using the Local Unit Funds, we purchased these gifts from White Dog Coffee, Rocket Bakery, and Wake-Up Call at a generous discount, and have included their messages to you all.

Please come, and retrieve your Nurses Week gift from the Local Unit Officers during one of the following cafeteria times:

Thursday, May 6 0630 – 0800, or 1800 – 2000
Friday, May 7 0630 – 1000, or 1800 – 2000
Saturday, May 8 0630 – 0800, or 1800 – 2000
Sunday, May 9 0630 – 0800 or 1800 – 2000
Wednesday, May 12 0630 – 0800, or 1800 – 2000
Saturday, May 15 0730 – 1000
Sunday, May 16 0630 – 0800, or 1800 – 2000

Bless­ings from your Officer Team,

KT Raley-Jones, Co-Chair
Callie Allen, Co-Chair
Alyssa Boldt, Secretary
Clint Wallace, Treasurer
Rian Williams, Member at Large
Alle Machorro, Member at Large
Darryl Johnson, Griev­ance Officer