COVID – 19 Temporary Incentive #

We have worked hard over the past months to secure an MOU (Memorandum of Under­standing) that reflects the hard work, dedica­tion, and sacri­fice each and every nurse gives to their patients at Sacred Heart. The Officer Team is pleased to announce, we have come to an agree­ment with Management! 

Benefits secured in the COVID-19 Tempo­rary Incen­tive MOU are:

  • Paid Pandemic Leave status during required quaran­tine by the hospital
  • Immediate access to EIT if not permitted to work
  • Income replace­ment
  • No disci­pline for absences related to COVID
  • 100% coverage for medical benefits for COVID-19 treat­ment for themselves or family
  • 1 hour pay for time spent receiving the COVID vaccine during nonsched­uled work hours
  • 2 days paid pandemic leave if a caregiver experi­ences side effects from the vaccine and is sched­uled to work.
  • Floating options if depart­ments are shut down
  • Extra shift/​overtime shift incen­tive pay that is 40% on top of your wage (applies to regular or overtime hours)

*NOTE – Prior to working an incen­tive shift, confirm with Manage­ment the shift is eligible for incen­tive pay. Not all shifts will be allocated the premium.

Standing in unity with you always,

The WSNA Officer Team

KT Raley-Jones, Co-Chair
Callie Allen, Co-Chair
Clint Wallace, Treasurer
Alyssa Boldt — Secre­tary
Darryl Johnson, Griev­ance Officer
Alle Machorro, Member-At-Large
Rian Williams, Member-At-Large

Questions? Contact your Nurse Rep, Jaclyn Perkins BSN RN