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ANM Leadership Redesign. What does this mean for our WSNA RNs?

Because safe staffing is of upmost importance, soon you will find a newly developed badge buddy to wear with your name badge while at work (to arrive in the mail soon!).  This new badge includes a QR code so nurses can have the Staffing Analysis (Unsafe Staffing) form in the palm of their hands.  Other QR codes include a direct link to get involved with WSNA, or to update your membership.  Lastly, your Local Unit Web page that houses any and all valuable information that a nurse at Providence Sacred Heart would like to know about their union!

As the changes take effect, we encourage all nurses to take full advantage of the Unsafe Staffing QR code and document situations that are unsafe.  Each Unsafe Staffing form that is filled out is brought to the Nurse Staffing Committee for full review, trend monitoring and nurse feedback. The link the QR code provides is to the staffing form that goes directly to Staffing Committee, comprised of both bedside RNs and management. It is the preferred method for documenting staffing concerns.

Remember! If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.



Management has begun the redesign of the leadership organization structure which will impact the ANMs and how they help our bedside nurses.  We heard from our nurses the ANMs have been a valuable resource at the bedside helping when extra hands are needed, and the redesign which is being implemented has been causing great anxiety.

Because of this, we promptly brought this issue to the attention of the Nurse Staffing Committee on Oct 19, 2023, and as a result developed the below Q and A to bring you answers fast.

ANM Leadership Redesign Quick Facts! We sought answers to your hard questions.

What prompted this change? Management has told us the role of the ANM over the years has been blurry when it came to helping at the bedside and managerial duties.  This issue was contributing to burnout among the ANMs due to overwork and as a result, pilot projects were launched to assess and redefine the role.

Is management increasing the number of Nurse Managers but decreasing the ANMs? Yes. According to management the goal is to have Nurse Managers focus on their service line. Those who are eligible for Manager jobs will be current ANMs. Per management, only existing ANMs can currently apply for the newly redesigned ANM positions or new NM positions. Some units will see multiple ANM positions due to size or complexity of service line, while others may have less.

Will the number of bedside FTE positions be increased to compensate for this change? Yes and Article 9.10 (Open Positions) will be followed.  Managers will notify staff when a new positions comes open. If you plan to apply for a bedside position be sure to watch your email, and review article 9.10 to ensure the language is being followed. If not, reach out to your Nurse Rep.

Will this affect my schedule as a bedside RN? No. Management has assured us there will be no change in anyone’s current schedule or the matrix for the unit.

Will the ANMs still be present on the unit? Yes. Management has told us they will have more administrative duties, but they will still physically be present.  They will not be doing any patient care or taking any patient loads. The intent is that they can be a resource to bedside staff when the Nurse Manager is not present, mainly evenings/nights, performing quality improvement duties, rounding with patients and staff, staff check-ins, etc.  While they will not likely have a set schedule, management has told us they will likely work 4, 1o hour shifts and occasional weekends.

What will happen to seniority?  Seniority is defined in the contract, so the contract will be upheld.  If an ANM had a bargaining unit position prior to accepting their ANM role, then when they return to the bargaining unit, their previously accrued seniority will be unfrozen, and they will continue to accrue hours.  Seniority is only totally lost with separation of employment for more than one year.  Hours worked as ANM do not count towards seniority. Frozen seniority hours do not count towards initial hiring into a bargaining unit position, since possible previous seniority hours will not yet be unfrozen.

What is the plan to train new charge nurses?  Management has told us nurses will be highly encouraged to be charge for those units who lack charge trained nurses.  Travelers will also be approved to help bridge any gaps in coverage. If you are asked to be charge trained but do not feel properly oriented to the role, per Article 9.14, please reach out to your Nurse Rep..

If an ANM takes a bedside RN role, will they be the only one to be assigned as charge? Bedside RNs are considered equals.  Article 4.2 of the contract speaks to the rotation of charge nurses to maintain competency in the role, thus we expect the contract to be followed and no preferential treatment given.  If you find this to be happening, reach out to your Nurse Rep Jaclyn Smedley at jsmedley@wsna.org

If I am the only one who is trained as charge, and I need the day off will I be forced to work? The charge nurse role is an assignment, so because of this, management will be required to find additional nurses to be assigned.

Meeting once a month, we fight for safe staffing, better working conditions and what’s best for our nurses.  Wear your badge buddy, and reach out to us via Unsafe Staffing Form should an issue arise! If you are charge training and/or trained, and encounter any interprofessional problems when working with other staff in either a peer or supervisory role, please access the Integrity Hotline or utilize the new High Reliability tool (formerly Datix) to report these issues, especially if they result in a unit being staffed inappropriately (don’t forget to also fill out a Staffing Analysis form).

Staffing Committee Members:

Tom Barnett Cath Lab, Co-Chair
Alyssa Boldt, 9N
Jen Haines, NICU
Rian Williams, NICU
Jessica Williams, AGPU
Kelsey South, Adult ED

Questions? Contact your officers or WSNA Nurse Representative Jaclyn Smedley.  Contact information can be found on the WSNA Local Unit Web Page.

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If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, I respectfully request that my union representative be present at this meeting. Without representation present, I choose not to participate in this discussion.

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