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ANA white paper on antiobiotic stewardship

The American Nurses Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have teamed up to inform registered nurses in the United States about the problem of antibiotic resistance and facilitate their expanded and clearly recognized role in hospital antibiotic stewardship programs (ASPs) and activities.

The group recently released a new white paper on the topic, "Redefining the Antibiotic Stewardship Team: Recommendations from the American Nurses Association/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Workgroup on the Role of Registered Nurses in Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Practices."

The white paper is the result of a series of online meetings, culminating in a one-day live conference with a selection of nurses identified by ANA and CDC as having expertise and/or interest in antibiotic stewardship. The purpose of the workgroup is to explore how nurses can become more engaged and take a leadership role to enhance our nation’s antibiotic stewardship efforts.