Nurses helping nurses affected by Hurricane Harvey

Our thoughts are with the people affected by Hurri¬≠cane Harvey. We especially recog¬≠nize the dedica¬≠tion and efforts of the regis¬≠tered nurses providing care in the disaster zone under catastrophic circumstances. 

Here is how we can help:

The Texas Nurses Founda¬≠tion is taking contri¬≠bu¬≠tions to help the nurses affected by Hurri¬≠cane Harvey. All money collected will be distrib¬≠uted directly to nurses living in any one of the Texas counties declared disaster areas. 

The amount of money distrib¬≠uted to each nurse requesting assis¬≠tance will be deter¬≠mined by the amount of money collected begin¬≠ning August 29, 2017 and ending November 30, 2017.

Any funds remaining in the fund by March 31, 2018 will be donated to the Hurri­cane Harvey Relief Fund estab­lished by the city of Houston.

Volun­teering to help with Hurri­cane Harvey disaster relief

During any sort of disaster, the most impor¬≠tant thing to do is make sure that you are part of an organized response system. A sudden influx of unexpected, well-meaning individ¬≠uals can cause more chaos than good. Unfor¬≠tu¬≠nately, almost 10% of people who show up for natural disas¬≠ters are fraud¬≠u¬≠lently claiming to be licensed nurses.

Nurses who wish to volun¬≠teer in Texas for Hurri¬≠cane Harvey relief can register through the Texas Depart¬≠ment of State Health Services‚Äô Texas Disaster Volun¬≠teer Registry. The registry has set up a ‚Äč‚Äú2017 Hurri¬≠cane Harvey‚ÄĚ option under the ‚Äč‚Äúorgani¬≠za¬≠tion‚ÄĚ category.

The Texas State Board of Nursing is not solic¬≠iting volun¬≠teers directly, but they are granting expedited tempo¬≠rary licenses for nurses from state‚Äôs that are not part of the Nurse Licen¬≠sure Compact. Washington state is not part of the Compact, so nurse volun¬≠teers from our state will need a tempo¬≠rary license. (See map of current Compact states.)

The American Red Cross is seeking health and mental health profes­sionals to volun­teer.

If you are unable to physi¬≠cally be in Houston you can still help!