Operation Agua

Donate water filters for families in Puerto Rico in need of safe water.

In collab­o­ra­tion with Opera­tion Blessing, AFSCME, the Hispanic Feder­a­tion and the Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico, the AFT launched this opera­tion to provide purifiers to the people in Puerto Rico whose island has been devas­tated by Hurri­cane Maria and left without safe water.

Puerto Rico is facing a human­i­tarian crisis. More than a million people still lack running water — they are forced to find water in conta­m­i­nated streams, collect it from runoff and even drink from toxic Super­fund sites. For those with running water, tap water may be tainted with raw sewage because water treat­ment plants are still not operational.

But we — YOU — can help alleviate human suffering. Through AFT’s Opera­tion Agua, you can help send water purifi­ca­tion systems to Puerto Rican families and commu­ni­ties who are crying out for help.

To help groups raise money, AFT launched the Opera­tion Agua Every Drop Challenge. When a team signs up for the challenge, a full toolkit will be provided. Each group will receive:

  • A unique online fundraising page to collect donations and track their impact;
  • A toolkit with fundraising ideas;
  • AFT social media support and recog­ni­tion for their campaign;
  • An oppor­tu­nity to be featured on the H20 Heroes section of the Opera­tion Agua website;
  • Help promoting their campaign to local press (if desired); and
  • Updates to show the impact of their fundraising on the ground in Puerto Rico.