DOH adds third option to birth certificate

The Depart­ment of Health has announced that begin­ning Jan. 27, people will be allowed to change their sex desig­na­tion on Washington birth certifi­cates to X,” adding a third option to birth certificates. 

Things to know about the new rule:

  • The rule adds X” as an approved sex desig­na­tion as an option.
  • Adults making a request no longer require medical attestation.
  • The list of licensed health care profes­sionals who can attest to the gender change for minors is expanded, including:
    • Psychol­o­gists
    • Advanced social workers
    • Indepen­dent clinical social workers
    • Marriage and family therapists
    • Mental health counselors
  • Minors must have a written consent of their parent or legal guardian and an attes­ta­tion by a licensed health care profes­sional to change their sex designation. 

Under the new section (WAC 246 – 490-075) of the current Washington Admin­is­tra­tive Code 246 – 490, require­ments have been set for those who want to change their sex desig­na­tion to male, female or X.” For more infor­ma­tion, visit the Birth Certifi­cate Gender Change Rule Making webpage.