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DOH adds third option to birth certificate

The Department of Health has announced that beginning Jan. 27, people will be allowed to change their sex designation on Washington birth certificates to “X,” adding a third option to birth certificates.

Things to know about the new rule:

  • The rule adds “X” as an approved sex designation as an option.
  • Adults making a request no longer require medical attestation.
  • The list of licensed health care professionals who can attest to the gender change for minors is expanded, including:
    • Psychologists
    • Advanced social workers
    • Independent clinical social workers
    • Marriage and family therapists
    • Mental health counselors
  • Minors must have a written consent of their parent or legal guardian and an attestation by a licensed health care professional to change their sex designation. 

Under the new section (WAC 246-490-075) of the current Washington Administrative Code 246-490, requirements have been set for those who want to change their sex designation to male, female or “X.” For more information, visit the Birth Certificate Gender Change Rule Making webpage.