License expiration extension ending, renew by Sept. 30 to avoid late fee

Doh renew 02

To allow health­care profes­sionals the ability to focus on patient care during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Secre­tary of Health extended expira­tion dates for licenses due for renewal between April 1, 2020, and September 30, 2020. All late fees were waived during this period.

What does this mean for you? #

For health care profes­sionals who took advan­tage of the extended time to renew, this is reminder that you must renew your creden­tial on or before September 30 in order for your creden­tial to remain active and avoid late fees. 

How do you renew if you need to? #

If you opted to delay renewal and have passed your normal expira­tion date, you will need to renew your creden­tial by:

  • Renewing through the online licensing system (credit card, debit card or E‑check accepted), or
  • Returning your DOH renewal notice with payment by mail (check or money order accepted.) 

Some profes­sions are not able to renew late online at this time. You can find a list of profes­sions who are able to renew after their normal expira­tion date on our License Expira­tion Exten­sion Frequently Asked Questions page.

No late fees will be due, as long as your payment is received online prior to 11:59 pm on September 30; or postmarked no later than September 30.

For questions contact our call center at 360 – 236-4700.