Choosing continuing education that’s right for you


There are many contin­uing educa­tion (CE) programs avail­able to nurses, and it can be hard to choose programs in which to partic­i­pate. With new contin­uing compe­tency rules in effect, it is impor­tant to find quality CE programs that fit your needs.

Evaluating an event #

Use this check­list to help you choose and evaluate a program that is right for you. (Use this check­list both BEFORE an activity (during your selec­tion process) and DURING an activity (to make your evalu­a­tion), as appropriate.

  • The objec­tives for the activity are clearly described and reflect my learning needs.
  • This activity will improve my nursing practice / I will be able to use the content I learn.
  • The target audience is clearly identi­fied, and I fit into that group.
  • The criteria for successful comple­tion of the CE activity are clearly stated.
  • The presen­ters / faculty are quali­fied to teach the content / develop my skills.
  • The CE activity is free of commer­cial influence.
  • The cost is reasonable.
  • The sponsoring agency or individual coordi­nating the CE is a credible entity and is accred­ited or approved to provide contact hours to participants.
  • The content will be presented in an unbiased way, or if biased, I am aware that a certain perspec­tive will be emphasized.
  • There will be an oppor­tu­nity to evaluate and provide feedback to the CE provider.
  • I will receive written certifi­cate of comple­tion of that activity indicating the number of contact hours / credit received.

Finding an event #

Live Events

For a calendar for WSNA-approved CNE program offer­ings, visit: http://​www​.wsna​.org/calendar

Online CNE

In addition to the many live educa­tional events WSNA approves and / or provides, we are proud to offer CNE programs online at http://​cne​.wsna​.org.

In addition, you can find other CNE programs from the American Nurses Associ­a­tion at https://learn.ana-nursingknowl… .

Certification requirements #

If you are seeking initial certi­fi­ca­tion or re-certi­fi­ca­tion from a national nursing specialty organi­za­tion, a certain number (or percentage) of contact hours must be earned through the American Nurses Creden­tialing Center’s Commis­sion on Accred­i­ta­tion (ANCC COA), either directly or by an accred­ited approver such as WSNA. This approval signi­fies that all of the items in this check­list have been addressed.