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WSNA in Olympia – Major wins of the 2022 session

The Legislature adjourned Sine Die yesterday, March 10, marking the end of the 2022 Washington State Legislative session. Stay tuned for a full end of session report next, but until then, take a look at some of the major wins of the 2022 session.

WSNA in Olympia – Legislative Session Week 8

Yesterday, the Legislature reached the final cutoff for policy bills. All bills that did not make it past this deadline and are not necessary to implement the budget are no longer viable. Unfortunately, WSNA's number one priority, safe staffing legislation, didn't make it past this week's deadlines.

The Senate failed us, but we’re not done

The Senate Ways and Means Committee did not pass our safe staffing bill out of committee by the deadline, meaning HB 1868 is very unlikely to pass this legislative cycle. We are deeply disappointed, but this is a delay, not defeat.

WSNA in Olympia – Legislative Session Week 7

Both legislative budgets were released this week on Monday. We were excited to see funding for WSNA priorities, including school nurse funding, sexual assault nurse examiner training and workforce development. The Legislature also reached the second policy cutoff of the year on Thursday.

WSNA in Olympia – Legislative Session Week 6

On Monday, the Legislature reached the house of origin cutoff. Most of our priority bills made is past this crucial deadline. Because most of our bills started in the House, we will now be working on moving those bills through the Senate.

Nursing commission seeks members

The Office of the Governor is recruiting to fill vacancies on Washington state's Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.

WSNA in Olympia – Legislative Session Week 5

On Monday, the Legislature reached fiscal cut off for the house of origin. The rest of the week was spent on the Legislature caucusing and voting bills off the House and Senate floors. We are expecting the safe staffing bill to be voted on by the house any day now.

WSNA in Olympia – Legislative Session Week 4

The Legis­la­ture reached major milestone this week. Thursday was the cutoff for policy bills in their house of origin. This means that no new bills will be intro­duced this session unless they are neces­sary to imple­ment the budget.

WSNA in Olympia – Legislative Session Week 3

This week the House Labor Committee took executive action on the safe staffing bill, HB 1868. The Senate Labor Committee heard testimony from two WSNA nurses on a bill that would provide COVID-19 hazard pay to hospital-based health care workers. The first cutoff of session is next week on Feb. 3.

Taking on the nurse staffing crisis

The public is becoming increasingly aware of a problem nurses have known about for a long time: the nurse staffing crisis that is dangerously depleting our hospitals. The COVID-19 pandemic has both highlighted and accentuated this crisis.

Standing together for real staffing solutions

WSNA and the other two primary health care unions in Washington state call for a sustain­able, account­able commit­ment to safe staffing in every depart­ment of every hospital in the state.

Disaster preparedness: Start the new year prepared

The start of a new year is the perfect time to ensure your disaster supplies are up to date. While disaster planning isn’t usually at the top of everyone’s to-do list, a small amount of planning now can make a big difference when you’re faced with a natural disaster or emergency.