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Feature story

VOTE! – 2022 election voter's guide

Help us advocate for all nurses in Washington state. We can do this, together.

Who are your nursing heroes?

Do you know a nurse who deserves to be celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the profession of nursing? Nominate them for a 2023 Recognition Award!

Understanding health literacy

Many times, when nurses hear about health literacy it is in the context of patient education or reading level. But is that all health literacy is about?

Tips for nurses to prepare for an active shooter

Maintaining situational awareness, reviewing your facility’s emergency response plans, and participating in trainings and drills can and will make a difference for nurses in the event of an active shooter incident.

It takes a team

As a nurse providing bedside care, have you ever wondered why certain patients are difficult to discharge? Could it be issues with "transitional care?"

Nurses by the numbers

The data shows there are enough registered nurses with active licenses in the state for the number of nursing jobs.

Q&A with Jacob Garcia

Garcia, a nurse at Sunnyside Community Hospital in Yakima County, grew up with a grandmother who helped organize migrant workers in California alongside Cesar Chavez.